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September 19, 2020
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10th Anniversary Pizza Day with Bitcoin Tej: Live, promotion and competition! – Blocksats

The 22nd round of Pizza Day will take place on May 22. On this day the first purchase with Bitcoins was made. On this occasion Bitcoin This has been prepared for you by promotions and a competition. We also invite you to a special live on this occasion.

First, some history

Bitcoin from the beginning was to be money from people to people. Its value has never been predetermined, and has been established naturally through a supply and demand mechanism. At the beginning, when the developers dug up the first transaction blocks on the network Bitcoin. digital coins they were worth nothing. Bah! You could even say that they were negative because they cost the equivalent of electricity consumed to mine them. It was not until May 22, Laszlo Hanyecz, who bought 2 Papa John’s pizzas for the equivalent of 10,000 bitcoins, which would be worth $ 95 million today.

Celebrate Pizza Day with Bitcoin Tej

To commemorate this historic Bitcoin event, Tej has prepared some surprises for you.

The first of them is the promotion, to which two pizzerias joined. Forno Italia and Pizzeria Tivoli Poznań responded to the community’s call crypto and decided to celebrate Pizza Day with us. This week (May 18-22), anyone who orders a delicious pizza from the above restaurants using the code “Pizza Day with Bitcoin Tej” will receive a discount on their order!

Unfortunately, due to a pandemic, we will not be able to meet you and celebrate Pizza Day together, eating delicious Italian specialty together. However, to feel a substitute for celebrating together we would like to invite you on May 22 at 20:00 to live with our participation on the channel Crypto Report.

And for dessert … Competition

This year’s competition has great and practical prizes to be won, sponsored by action partners:

Trezor one from GamerHash, which will soon start with its own token;
Company sweatshirts and gadgets from the instant and secure crypto currency exchange Bitcan.pl;
Ledger S and company sweatshirts from cryptocurrency exchanges BitClude;
PLN 100 incl BTC from SkyRocket.trade, functional software for traders;
I Love magazines Crypto and cryptocurrency stickers from the editorial board of I Love Crypto;
ABC books Blockchaina from the ABC blockchain publisher.

The competition runs from 18 to 24 May. You must like to participate in the competition Tej’s Bitcoin profile on Facebook and during the competition, perform one of the following actions:

  • Order a pizza and post a photo with the comment “Pizza Day with Bitcoin Tej” under this post.
  • The first real purchase for BTC was 2 pizzas and we celebrate Pizza Day. How could you go back in time to troll the whole community, write what and why would you order BTC in 2010 to go down in history?

The winners are those who collect the most likes and reactions under their photo or text on May 24 at 23:59, so the more interesting and fun the better! If someone performs both actions, their reactions from both posts will be added together!

You can read more about the competition, promotion and live in this post.

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