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September 22, 2020
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17-year-old who hacked Twitter went to trial |

At a trial in Hillsborough Circuit Court on Tuesday, a 17-year-old hacked into Twitter’s security systems pleaded not guilty.

17-year-old vs. twitter

Graham Ivan Clark, a 17-year-old Tampa, Florida resident who is accused of hacking many Twitter accounts of famous personalities, has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

According to the article Tampa Bay Times, prosecutors charged Clark with 30 charges, for which he could be sentenced to up to 200 years in prison, i.e. actual life imprisonment.

Clark is charged with 17 “communication fraud” cases, 11 cases of illegal use of personal data, one case of organized fraud involving more than $ 5,000 and one case of hacking someone else’s computer.

The 17-year-old is currently in prison, and his next interrogation is scheduled for today.

Attack on Twitter

When reading about the case, it is worth asking yourself whether a teenager’s genius should not be used in the service of his country. After all, we are talking about a 17-year-old who broke into one of the largest social media portals!

Clark, along with 22-year-old Nima Fazeli of Orlando, and Mason Sheppard, 19, from the UK, allegedly broke in in July. In this way, they gained access to at least 130 Twitter accounts, mostly of famous people and companies, including Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the Apple corporation.

The perpetrators allegedly used accounts to post tweets asking them to send them any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to the indicated wallet address, promising them to send back twice the amount in return. Within about three hours of being hacked, they were able to trick Twitter users into an amount of nearly $ 117,000.

Fazeli can be sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250,000, and Sheppard faces 45 years in prison and a $ 750,000 fine.

Investigators found that the hacking plan was born in the mind of an anonymous Discord messenger user named Kirk # 5270. He claimed to be a Twitter employee. He started working with Fazeli and Sheppard. He reportedly promised both that he would gain access to and take control of Twitter accounts in exchange for Bitcoins. The two hackers then allegedly posted an offer on OGUsers, a popular market among hackers.

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