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January 26, 2021
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2020 exceeded Expectations. What will Bitcoin 2021 look like?

Will Bitcoin 2021 be as good as 2020?

It’s stretched, but if we have a pattern in the cycles, Bitcoin 2021 promises much more.
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Analysis of CointradeCx
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Cycles are patterns every 4 years (long term) identified in the BTC. See in the analysis that in 2013 and 2017 we had an explosion in the post halving price and therefore most analysts project 2021 as the year of consolidation of Bitcoin’s historic high.

The estimate with a geometric reduction from the 2017 high would throw Bitcoin to an incredible $ 75,000. But there are analysts who put a projection at $ 100,000.

All of this can still be confirmed with the emergence of an effective vaccine against Covid-19 and with the adoption of more and more big players like Grayscale and MicroStrategy.

Even pessimists are optimistic about Bitcoin 2021

There are more thoughtful ones who prefer to keep their feet on the ground – literally, not boarding the Bitcoin flight. But even so, even the projections for corrections are well above the standards of years past.

The most pessimistic ones put a correction of BTC at 12-14k (the analyst who writes to you already thinks that it never falls below 17k again).

A curious detail is that the cost to mine Bitcoin, as of today, is around 13 to 14k. For miners who did not sell Bitcoin “cheap” (say 17k) to futures, this Bitcoin super high is sensational.

And they expect even more from this 2021 cycle. And you, reader, what do you think? Give your price guess in the comments.

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