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September 26, 2020
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5 projects using Bitcoin that are worth paying attention to Blocksats

One of the most liked Bitcoin Twitter propagators and cryptocurrencies, @hodlonaut, he asked his fans:What is the most exciting Bitcoin project currently?“. In one day he received several hundred responses with dozens of projects using Bitcoin. In addition to the most popular ones like Lightning Network or Liquid, users watching @hodlonaut have pointed out several more or less well-known but equally interesting projects.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin’s wallet is widely and quite thoroughly discussed in our portal. It allows you to run a full Bitcoin node and is completely free. The BC wallet installation and configuration process can be found on our portal at this address.

Bitcoin Core has a new update to the version on June 3 0.20.0

The most important changes include:

  • Removal of network messages rejecting BIP61 from Bitcoin Core;
  • OpenSSL is no longer used by Bitcoin Core;
  • By default, Wallet now uses bech32 addresses when using RPC and creates native change results in SegWit.

The automatically generated Bitcoin Core source code documentation is now available at https://doxygen.bitcoincore.org.

Atomic Loans

Bitcoin DeFi. It is “a platform for decentralized and non-credit Bitcoin loans.” By depositing BTC as security (with Bitcoin blocked using native Bitcoin scripts), you can “borrow stablecoins”. Design Atomic Loans is supported by Initialized Capital, Consensus and Morgan Creek.


OpenNode is a very interesting platform that consists of an easy-to-use eCommerce and retail solution, payment infrastructure APIs for programmers and the fastest payment processor limits, enabling the introduction of completely new payment models and immediate settlements.

OpenNode strives to provide payments to everyone on the planet in a simple and transparent way, all using Bitcoin and Lightning Network technology.

The venture capital company Draper Associates, founded by Tim Draper in 1985, has been investing in the project for a long time.

RSK Labs – DeFi for Bitcoin

The beginnings RSK Labs back to 2015, personally it is a very exciting project for me, which has a chance to break through with great impetus to the mainstream. On the official project website, we can read that RSK is:

pierwszą uniwersalną platformą smart kontraktów zabezpieczoną przez sieć Bitcoin

In short, the project wants to create DeFi (Decentralized Finance) for the Bitcoin network. Will RSK officials get along with BTC developers? Time will tell.

A treat for fans of computer games. The project brings together a community of loving games based on Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Users can participate in numerous tournaments, in which the prize is of course Bitcoins. Magic Internet Gathering founders plan to organize at least one event per month.

If you have interesting projects using Bitcoin technology, share your impressions in the comments. We are eager to look at it.

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