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5 Reasons Why Sasikala Choose Palanisamy as Tamilnadu CM


Tamil Nadu political fray continued for some time has ended. Governor Vidyasagar Rao invited Palanisamy to form a government. At 4.30 pm, Palanisamy along with 31 ministers took the oath of office and secrecy. Governor has said Palanisamy to prove his majority in the House within 15 days.

After the sentence of Sasikala in the disproportionate assets case, Sasikala camp selected Palanisamy as the leader of the legislature party. Palanisamy meet the governor on Wednesday night and Thursday morning around eight o’clock at the Rajbhavan. Palanisamy had submitted the list of 124 MLAs supporting to form the government to the Governor. After which the Governor invited him to form the government.

The five primary reason why Palanisamy is chosen for CM of Tamilnadu

1. Governor’s stand

The biggest factor why Palanisamy has been crowned as CM is the stance of the governor. When sasikala was trying to grab the seat of CM Governor has been delaying to take the decision which made AIADMK and Subramanian swamy to criticise the governor. However, the stance of the governor has been a boon for Palanisamy. If the governor would have passed the judgment for Sasikala, then it would have been a different situation.

2. Sasikala in prison

One of the factors for the decision such of Governor is that Sasikala jailed for four years in disproportionate assets case. After leaving prison, Sasikala also cannot contest for next six years. Thus the power came in control of Palanisamy.

3. Palanisamy’s loyalty

When Jayalalitha had a heart attack, she was hospitalised during which E Palanisamy was also considered as her successors. He is a member of the party for a long time now, and he is one of the trustworthy people. Palanisamy’s loyalty is now presented with the CM’s chair.

4- Rebellion Panneerselvam

At the behest of Sasikala Panneerselvam resigned from the post of the chief minister but later acquired a rebellious attitude. After the changed attitude of Pannerselvam, Sasikala accused him of playing politics with the DMK. Pannerselvam would have been back in power if he had not revolted against Sasikala after Supreme Court decision. But Pannerselvam rebel became a chance for Palanisamy as the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

5- Low profile leader

Palanisamy is the member of AIADMK from quite some time. E. Palanisamy is assembly legislator from Edapadi in Salem district. E. Palanisamy is elected as MLA for four-time.  He is elected as MLA in 1989, 1991, 2011 and 2016. Also has been MP from 1998 to 99. He has been Chairman of the Cement Corporation of Tamil Nadu. He also was chairman of the Salem Dairy. Even with such vast capacities, his image was like a low-profile leader. During the political crisis often loyal to the party’s top leadership and the low profile (less ambitious) heads are preferred.