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September 27, 2020
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896-day “accumulation” is coming to an end – says the analyst Blocksats

The gigantic cycle, lasting from December 2017, is coming to an end. 896-day “accumulation” will now cause a jump in price – believes twitterowicz Credible Crypto.

896-day “accumulation”

Accumulation of BTC lasted almost 900 days. Now, however, there is time for reflection and a “bull rally” – believes the author of the Credible Crypto profile on Twitter.

BTC will break the “consolidation structure”

According to the attached chart, the time since December 2017 was “one big phase of accumulation. ” this “Consolidation structure”, as the analyst calls her, is to fall apart and give way to a new cycle that will start with the bull rally. In this way, the level of USD 20,000, i.e. ATH 2017 is to be broken.

“The last 896 days were simply one huge phase of re-accumulation [BTC] before the start [w rejon] $ 100,000, and the consolidation structure will soon be destroyed. Are you prepared for this? “

– presents the situation and asks the analyst.

Course today and in a few months

Today investors for 1 BTC have to pay USD 9 406 on the stock exchanges. This means a price jump of 1.77 percent. on a daily scale. Interestingly, Ether performs incomparably better. For 1 ETH today you pay 219 USD, which means an increase in price by more than 5 percent. in the last 24 hours.

How will the price behave over several months? Here sentences are divided. It is worth noting that the bullish attitude still dominates. According to PlanB, who also shares on Twitter, we will wait for the bull market. In his opinion, it will be visible when the RSI exceeds 60. Just like it was in October 2015 and December 2017. He does not give specific dates.

It is worth noting, however, that we are increasingly learning that well-known big investors and billionaires invest in BTC. The narrative of BTC as a safe haven also returns …

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