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October 30, 2020
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A complete ecosystem for every cryptocurrency owner |

A whole lot of sales platforms have already been created, bringing together sellers and customers. The creators compete in improving purchasing processes and introducing new amenities for users.

Everyone of us has heard about one of these platforms. Created by Jeff Bezos, Amazon currently generates revenues of around $ 200 billion annually and employs over half a million people. This powerful sales platform today was created from a small online store where books were sold. Entrepreneurs from Silesia want to repeat such a huge success by introducing considerable innovations to their platform.

OneMillion Shop – Marketplace with cryptocurrency payments

The above-mentioned entrepreneurs are Krzysztof Perek and Marcin Walkowski. As a result of the meeting years later, they developed the idea of ​​creating a unique place for cryptocurrency owners.

In 2016, the market was poor in exchanges and exchange offices, let alone sales platforms with payments in digital currencies. This shortage was especially visible during the great boom in 2017, when a lot of people, after earning a large amount of cryptocurrency, had nowhere to cash them. Until now, to make purchases for cryptocurrency, you had to transfer it to the stock exchange, convert it into fiat currencies – FIAT, then withdraw to your account and transfer the seller for the goods. Usually, at each of these steps, there was a commission, which can be onerous with larger amounts.

The OneMillion Shop platform was created to simplify the complicated sales process and reduce costs to a minimum. It includes goods and services from many categories. By paying with cryptocurrency, we can buy everyday products, electronic and garden equipment, and even luxury cars and planes.

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Sellers do not need to worry about the high volatility of digital currencies. After successful payment, they are automatically converted into traditional currencies and sent to the seller. The scale of operation is still incomparably smaller than Amazon, but the pace at which this platform is developing is impressive. It is joined by sellers from Poland every day, and as the creators have announced, soon OneMillion Shop will open to the whole of Europe.

Considering that last year the value of the e-commerce market surpassed the value of the traditional market and that cryptocurrency capitalization is consistently growing, the marketplace with payments in digital currencies is a project that we strongly believe in. The main task of the OneMillion team will be to attract this capital to the OneMillion Shop.

Part of a larger ecosystem

OneMillion Shop is a key platform for the project, but it is part of an extensive ecosystem. In the whitepaper provided by the creators, we can read about all other OneMillion platforms and services.

The OneMillion ecosystem was created to enable the use of all cryptocurrency opportunities. The ecosystem includes, among others, software for automating trading on the cryptocurrency market – OneMillion Trading Systems and the partner program platform – OneMillion Partners. In the ecosystem, we will also be able to take advantage of tax and legal advice or tokenize our company.

Advantages of the ecosystem

By placing all platforms in one environment, synergy is created that allows users to save time and money. Thanks to the complementary elements, there is no need to go beyond the ecosystem. Commissions within the system are kept to a minimum.

A trader can multiply his cryptocurrencies on OneMillion Trading Systems (he does not even have to set up an account directly on the exchange), convert them into traditional currencies and withdraw them to his bank account, or buy goods for them in the OneMillion Shop marketplace. Anyone, if necessary, can get advice on the settlement of their income from trading cryptocurrencies.

OneMillion Shop sellers have similar possibilities. In addition to the new sales channel, they get access to all OneMillion services. Entrepreneurs can additionally use the tokenization service, which is not only a way to finance the project, but also a tool to simplify many processes.

A complete ecosystem for every cryptocurrency owner | 15

MONx token – the binder of all platforms

The original Token MONx is the element that binds all platforms in the OneMillion ecosystem. The Token’s economy is described in detail in the project’s whitepaper. An economy that uses multiple mechanisms to add value.

The token is used on all ecosystem platforms. We can use it to pay for services, or keep it with a profit in mind until it goes public. The main assumption is a proportional increase in the value of MONx with the increase in the number of ecosystem users.

Each new store selling on OneMillion Shop, each OneMillion Trading Systems user or partner in the affiliate program generates demand, which will directly translate into price. The MONx token is currently distributed at $ 1.12. The entry of the MONx token on the cryptocurrency exchange is planned for January 2021.

Receive 10 MONx Tokens for registering with OneMillion here.


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