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September 18, 2020
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A former KFC employee built a cryptocurrency drug empire. He lost everything Blocksats

On June 8, the Leicester court ordered the confiscation of over £ 1.8 million from a British person who ran a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency drug empire.

According to Harborough Mail, this person was Paul Johnson, 32, a former KFC employee. From his home in Leicestershire, he ran a marketplace on Darknet.

Illegal drug trafficking hidden behind fictitious tea trade

Johnson, who graduated from business studies, pretended to be a tea merchant, which was just a cover for his international drug exchange.

Authorities have reported that Johnson has imported and sold over 200 kilos of heroin, cocaine, LSD, marijuana and ketamine. All purchases in the store were made with bitcoin.

Local media quoted Judge Martin Hurst, who said the drug dealer generated total revenues of approximately £ 2,183,304. Law enforcement agencies only managed to confiscate only £ 1,837,601.

Johnson will have to pay back this sum within three months. Other assets will also be confiscated, including a £ 20,000 Range Rover and a £ 30,300 Nissan Juke. The cars will be put up for sale.

Drugs found at Johnson’s house

A former KFC employee was charged with possession of class A and B drugs, possession with the intention of selling class A drugs, the illegal import of goods into Great Britain and five cases of money laundering.

Johnson’s ex-wife, Lia Taylor-Walton, was sentenced to two years in prison. She was accused of complicity in the online drug empire. The court also charged her with buying property for illegal money.

Law enforcement agencies confiscated drugs found in Johnson’s house. Among them were such specifics as MDMA tablets, LSD, heroin and ketamine, as well as accessories for their portioning.

On May 19, the Cointelegraph website reported about a study by Crystal Blockchain Analytics, which showed that the total value of Bitcoin sent in Darknet increased in the first quarter of 2020 by 65%.

The sale of drugs is not the only illegal practice that takes place on the Darknet network. A week ago, we wrote about the theft of credit card data. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to read our last article.

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