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September 28, 2020
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Altcoin Daily returns to YouTube after a 2-day bubble |

The Altcoin Daily cryptocurrency channel, run by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold, was restored by YouTube more than two days after it was taken down.

Altcoin Daily under the YouTube magnifying glass

YouTube removed the channel because it believed that this “Encouraged illegal activities”, and thus violated the platform community rules.

According to a post on July 31, Altcoin Daily’s channel, boasting 214,000 subscribers, was shut down by YouTube for “Encouraging illegal activities”.

We are an information / opinion-forming channel. We have never promoted anything illegal. The appeal has been sent – wrote the brothers on Twitter.

Both also asked Altcoin Daily’s 27,700 Twitter followers to contact YouTube and request their channel be restored using the hashtag #FreeAltcoinDaily.

After more than two days with the channel’s content completely unavailable to subscribers, Altcoin Daily announced on August 3 that YouTube lifted the ban.

Attacks on cryptocurrency channels

However, this is not the first time YouTube has suddenly removed videos and channels with cryptocurrency-related content. A massive “attack” of the platform took place in December 2019 and concerned several channels with tens of thousands of subscribers. YouTube later explained that it was the effect of an “error” during the content checking process. It follows that the channels were removed by the company’s algorithm.

In June, however, the platform also closed the official channel of the Bitcoin.com portal about cryptocurrencies and news about the blockchain market. Reason? “Violation of YouTube’s terms of service” The company claimed. After the appeal, the channel, which boasts 40,000 subscribers, was also restored two days later. For example, the well-known analyst of the BTC Tone Vays rate or the owners of BTC Sessions lost their channels for 24 hours.

Cointelegraph has also had a similar, rather unpleasant experience with YouTube’s surprising approach to cryptocurrencies. The platform suddenly turned off the live broadcast of the “Bitcoin Halving” program, which took place in May. In addition, she interrupted the live coverage of the recent Twitter hacking attack, which indirectly affected the BTC market.

Of course, the Polish Krypto Report channel was also recently removed, but it has already returned to YT.

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