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September 20, 2020
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Americans invest checks from the government in Bitcoin |

US citizens who invested their money received from the government in Bitcoin (BTC) saw a 45.5% increase in contribution. Each $ 1,200 paid in April has risen to $ 1,746, now after BTC alone has skyrocketed to $ 10,200.

In addition, on July 26, Larry Kudlow, a White House economic adviser confirmed the news that had circulated the media a few days earlier that as part of a $ 1 trillion stimulus package, Americans would receive another check for $ 1,200. It is also worth mentioning that many of them have not yet received the first checks that the Treasury started issuing at the end of March.

The stimulus package aims to alleviate the plight of many US citizens who lose their jobs or experience significantly lower incomes in the face of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

history repeats itself

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong noted that the number of deposits worth $ 1,200 has quadrupled this month. This is a sign that many Americans have invested their money in kryptowaluty.

In connection with the information about the upcoming next check from the government and the latest rate hike Bitcoin (BTC) up to $ 10,200 some people investing in kryptowaluty they may conclude that putting in another $ 1,200 is not a bad idea.

“What I get will immediately invest in Bitcoinlike last time, ”said one user kryptogiełdy “.

The second part of the stimulus package, which includes a check of $ 1,200 for every American resident, was announced just hours after Bitcoin It jumped 3.1% again from $ 9,941 to $ 10,249. When US officials first announced a $ 1 trillion stimulus package, the price of BTC quickly surpassed its long-held $ 9,500 mark.

In the last six months, the world’s greatest superpower by coronavirus originally from China, it moved to the pre-war times – the 1930s, when the Great Depression devoured a quarter of all jobs in the USA. Optimists reassure that as soon as the restrictions on movement are lifted, the frostbitten economy will recover quickly. Most people who are unemployed or on temporary leave will start working and the country will return to the prosperity of its days coronavirus.

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