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November 30, 2020
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An Italian was illegally digging ETH based on the airport’s IT systems –

Unfortunately, the media quite often write about illegal cryptocurrency mining – both in terms of hackers and people who extract digital currencies in this way, e.g. in the workplace. Now we get to know the story of an Italian who was caught unlawfully kicking ETH. For this he used the computer systems of the airport where he worked.

The Italian who kicked ETH

An Italian, an airport worker, allegedly used computer systems at his workplace to mine Ethereum (ETH). The Italian portal informed about the case Rai News.

The hero of the scandal is employed at an airport in the Italian city of Lamezia Terme. It allegedly installed mining software on the airport’s computer systems. In addition, he installed many ETH excavators on site, using electricity supplied to the airport in the process. The facility’s authorities finally caught the culprit using video from a camera that was part of the airport security system.

On-site technical services are provided by Sacal Global Solutions. Media reports that a 41-year-old employee at Lamezia Terme airport hacked into the company’s computer systems in order to install his malware in this way. The employee’s actions, according to media reports, posed a threat to the airport’s IT systems.

“The investigators, in cooperation with the airport authorities, analyzed fragments of the IT network, discovering the presence of a real” mine “in two different technical rooms […] connected to the external Internet through systems dedicated to the management of airport services and powered by airport electricity “

– reported Rai News, adding:

“The investigations, coordinated by the prosecutor’s office in Lamezia Terme, were carried out as part of the technical activities that made it possible to examine the IP addresses associated with the installed machines [do kopania ETH] to identify and monitor the location of the “Ethermine” field (used to “mine” the Ethereum cryptocurrency).

Dig, but legally!

Illegal cryptocurrency mining software is unfortunately not something uncommon in the blockchain market. During the peak of the recent boom on the BTC exchanges, in January 2018, such malware was a pain in as much as 55 percent. companies in the world.

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