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September 19, 2020
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Another digital work of art sold for 7 ETH Blocksats

Osinachi, a self-taught Nigerian artist who creates digital art, sold his latest work for cryptocurrencies on May 31, titled “I Can’t Breathe.” This image was put up for auction on the SuperRare platform, which ended with the amount of 7 Ethereum. As of today, it’s about $ 1,700.

Part of the income will be donated to a good cause

Osinachi’s work shows police violence against a man recently in the US city of Minneapolis. The work was auctioned in just 6 hours for 7 ETH, which is currently worth around $ 1,700. The artist intends to donate part of the income to a good cause. He said that:

“Part of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Osinachi was the first Nigerian artist in history to present his work at the Ethereal Summit. This took place in 2018 in New York. He was also nominated for the Bridgeman Studio Award 2019.

Earlier, Vesa Kivinen, founder of Art For Crypto suggestedthat art in a cryptocurrency theme can be the same investment as any other digital asset. She put her crypto work for sale for 1 Bitcoin.

Platfroma for sale of art based on Blockchain

SuperRare is a platform created for artists that is based on blockchain technology. As its creators say:

SuperRare makes creating, selling and collecting rare digital art easier. Our platform based on smart contracts allows artists to publish limited editions of works of art tracked by Blockchain, making the work unique and verified.

SupeRare is based on the Ethereum block chain to be able to easily verify the origin and track the history of a given work.

After adding the digital asset, thanks to intelligent contracts, a token is generated, which is then deposited in the Ethereum wallet. It is unique and permanently associated with the work. Represents property and authenticity. A work of art added on the platform starts a new life in the block chain. It can be bought by a collector and then sold or stored just like any other rare asset.

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