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September 28, 2020
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Belka’s tax should be abolished, says Trading Jam [PETYCJA] – Blocksats

Trading I am calling for the abolition of Belka’s tax. The organization has prepared a petition that can be signed online.

Belka’s tax will go to the trash?

Let us remind you that in 2002, on the initiative of the Minister of Finance, Marek Belka, a capital gains tax was introduced. Trading Jam Foundation wants its liquidation. She wrote an open letter to the prime minister on this matter.

“Bearing in mind the situation in which our country found itself, Polish employees, as well as Polish enterprises, we ask you to eliminate the capital gains tax, commonly known as “Belka’s tax”.

The world economy is going through a crisis, the effects of which we will feel for the next few years. Worldwide epidemic, supply chain rupture, quarantine, effects of Covid19 paralyzed demand and supply. “

– written in leaves.

In 2017, the Ministry of Finance, in response to one of parliamentary interpellations, stated that “The introduction of an exemption from personal income tax on income (income) from monetary capital would be possible only if the effects of this tax preference, in the form of a reduction in revenues to the state budget, would allow the achievement of objectives that would consequently create long-term mechanisms for further development of the economy the state and improving the lives of Polish citizens. “

Belka’s tax will be introduced in its assumptionswas temporarily put in place, and the nineteenth anniversary of its operation is just passing. Dark clouds are gathering above the Polish nation in the form of the consequences of THE GREAT LOCKDOWN crisis. Not only is it about taxes on investors’ earnings, but also small savers who collect their savings on deposits. In the face of current economic changes, one cannot have to pay citizens to pay for having savings – you can read in the letter.

It was further added that this tax negatively affects the motivation of many Poles to invest mines in the Polish economy through the Stock Exchange. This state of affairs is reflected in the low percentage of individual investors on the WSE compared to the 1990s and 2004-2008.

Sign the petition

The entire content of the letter is available at this link. Its authors began the campaign of collecting signatures for a civil bill to abolish tribute. You can sign your project signature on the website petycjeonline.com.

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