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September 25, 2020
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BitBay is the best Polish cryptocurrency exchange according to the new CoinMarketCap ranking – Blocksats

Of the more than 300 cryptocurrency exchanges listed on CoinMaketCap, BitBay took 24 place in the global ranking of digital currency trading platforms. This means the first place among Polish digital currency exchanges and belonging to the top in Europe and in the world.

Recently on the capitalization tracking website digital assets and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges – CoinMarketCap – a new classification of trading platforms has been introduced kryptowalutami. Seeing the problems associated with placing exchanges in the ranking according to which they report volume, which is often overstated, CMC (short for CoinMarketCap), decided to introduce a new classification called Web Traffic Factor.

How does the new Web Traffic Factor evaluation system work?

As CMC notes, the question of exchanges about the number of active users using their platforms could be misleading, because entities that have so far pumped their volume, could do the same with customer data. Instead, as one of the factors in the new ranking, CMC decided to consider the number of visits to the stock market. In addition, the final result is made up of other factors based on data provided by various websites tracking services, such as SimilarWeb, Alexa or Ahrefs.

Below we list all the factors (along with their percentage significance for the overall assessment) taken into account when assessing the platform:

  • 20% of the rating are page views, i.e. the number of all page views for new and returning visitors;
  • 15% of the rating are unique visitors to the site;
  • 10% of the rating is bounce rate, which is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing only one page;
  • 5% of the rating is the time spent on the site;
  • 25% is a relative site ranking based on estimates Alexa, which take into account the relative strength of the site relative to other sites on the web;
  • the last 25% of the rating are keywords after which the stock market is positioned in search engines. Items assessed after selected key phrases are assessed, i.e.cryptocurrency exchange“,” Stock exchange bitcoin“,”trading cryptocurrencies “etc.

Based on the above criteria, the system assesses exchanges from 0 to 1000 points. The first exchange will always receive 1000, while the other platforms will be evaluated based on a relative comparison to the top.

BitBay is the best Polish stock exchange according to the new CMC ranking

At the very top of the list appeared international entities, providing their services mainly on the American and Asian markets. The first three find Binance, followed by Coinbase Pro, while BitMex ranks third.

From the top of the list, the first Polish cryptocurrency exchange we come across is BitBay, currently 24th among all digital asset exchanges listed on CMC.

Congratulations to the whole BitBay team for achieving such a spectacular result against the background of Polish, European and global cryptocurrency trading platforms!

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