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September 18, 2020
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Bitcoin advertising on Hong Kong trams |

BTC enthusiasts in Hong Kong have come up with a new way to raise public awareness of Bitcoin on a large scale.

Starting from September 11, three double-decker trams decorated with the BTC logo began to run on the streets of Hong Kong. Each of them, apart from the Bitcoin logo, contains a certain message whose task is to educate the public.

Earlier in August, the well-known hedge fund Grayscale also launched a massive educational campaign on Bitcoin in the US.

Bitcoin Trams in Hong Kong

As part of an educational campaign launched by the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, 20 giant billboards will also be created in various public places. The trams themselves will be fully embellished with the BTC logo and will run on different routes for the next four weeks.

The campaign focuses in part on communicating the importance of the deficit phenomenon and how it relates to healthy monetary policy. One of the billboards refers to the American money printing in 2020. We can read on it:

“More dollars were printed in 2020 than in 2009. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins. “

Another billboard features a quote from American writer Stewart Brand who warns that those who fail to board when new technology emerges are often “overwhelmed” by it:

“When new technology falls over you, if you are not part of the roller, you are part of the road.”

Bitcoin advertising on Hong Kong trams | 25

Rapid digitization of the global economy

Publication, which foreshadowed the event in a well-known local newspaper claimed the cryptocurrency community hoped to initiate a conversation about what role cryptocurrency could play in providing economic infrastructure for a new, rapidly digitizing global market:

“We hope the campaign will give us an opportunity to discuss how Bitcoin fits into the rapid digitization of the global economy, the opportunities and dangers of the drastic technological advancement and the implications of a digital verifiable deficit.”

Trams will also contain hashtags and passwords such as #BeYourOwnBank, #DigitalGold, #GlobalInternetMoney, and even #MagicInternetMoney.

In June, we reported that blockchain-based companies are increasingly dominating the Hong Kong financial market. 39% of new fintech companies that started operating last year were based on this technology.

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