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September 25, 2020
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Bitcoin and the Pentagon: USA analyzed the use of BTC in “Zbellion” | Blocksats

There are demonstrations in the US today regarding the death of George Lloyd. It turns out that in 2018 the Pentagon prepared a war game, the script of which strongly resembles what is happening on the streets of American cities today. Bitcoin was to play an important role in the script.

Bitcoin and the Pentagon

What is going on? Well, the media write about the war game “Special strategic program for land, air and sea” (JLASS). However, there is a very interesting scenario under this little commercial name. It turns out that the army wanted to prepare its strategy for fighting street demonstrators two years ago. It was assumed that in the 1920s, representatives of the Z generation could revolt in the USA. “Zbellion”, or the emergence of frustrated young people (racial divisions are not included here). The rebels were to attack corporation or political organization buildings. In return, someone was supposed to pay them in Bitcoins.

“Zbellion uses [w grze] programs [komputerowych] to direct all his influence towards washing programs [środków]that eventually convert national currencies into Bitcoins “

– described in the game.

Bitcoin is a rebellion

Although it is difficult to find clear connections between cryptocurrencies and current manifestations in the US, the author of the popular book “Bitcoin & Black America”, Isaiah Jackson, notes that Bitcoin is itself a weapon against the system, and its possession is a kind of rebellion against power.

When the economic system is broken … no matter how hard you try, you are pushed into areas where police surveillance is very heavy. (…) the police are starting to kill black men, and all this is only a domino effect “

– told the journalist a few days ago Cointelegraph.

“I usually say that the calmest protest you can make is simply buying bitcoins on a regular basis, because you just transfer your money from this system to what I think is a better and hard money system that can be used in the future”

– added.

He also noted that some of the peaceful demonstrators reportedly showed the BTC logo during the protests.

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