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September 22, 2020
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Bitcoin difficulty, big negative even “market is bullish”

Difficulty adjustment and market Bitcoin rises in the virtual currency market on the 5th. The difficulty level adjustment, which takes into account the environment after the half-life period, was affected by the drastic simplification, and the price temporarily increased to 9850 dollars (1078,000 yen) overseas. This is the sixth time Bitcoin has tried $10,000, and it has become even more intense with the battle over the year-to-date high of $10,500 (1.1 million yen). Completion of the second difficulty adjustment after the half-life at 10 o’clock Japan time on the 4th. Since the first time was a value that also included the demand for mining rushing before the half-life, this difficulty adjustment is important to compensate for the block generation situation and hash rate that dropped after the half-life…

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