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September 18, 2020
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Bitcoin falls temporarily 140,000 yen, split 1 million yen before half-life

The Bitcoin market on the 10th started to drop sharply, and the amount of BTC price reduction temporarily exceeded 140,000 yen from the previous day and fell below 1 million yen. The bitcoin market reached $ 10,000 due to a sharp rise in price while the half-life period was being cut off, but sales orders are expanding. As of 10:10 am, it is trading at 9336,000 yen, which is 11.6% down from the previous day. The market may have disliked the sharp rise in prices and uncertain trends in virtual currency minority after the half-life. At this time, no related news has been confirmed that affected the decline. After the bitcoin half-life, the next time the difficulty level is adjusted from the execution block …

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