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July 11, 2020
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Bitcoin hash rate, near the temporary maximum value Rapid recovery due to difficulty adjustment

The mining hash rate of Bitcoin has recovered, and the momentum is approaching the record high again. Bitcoin’s hash rate value suddenly recovered to 142.3EH/s temporarily on the 7th, and was close to the record high of 144.7EH/s recorded before the half-life. (Coinwarz.com) I just finished the second difficulty adjustment after the half-life on the 4th. The difficulty level has been adjusted significantly by a minus 9.29% compared to the previous time, and the difficulty level has been adjusted by incorporating the effects of some minor withdrawals after the half-life period. Difficulty has decreased to -15% from the level before the half-life, and materials that are attracting attention due to cost reductions such as the flood season in China are also…

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