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September 22, 2020
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Bitcoin mining’surrender signal ‘cryptocurrency market falls sharply on hash ribbon

Virtual currency market conditions The virtual currency market continues to develop softly. Bitcoin (BTC) on the 25th was 94,800 yen ($ 8,770), a -4.33% increase from the previous day. Bitcoin (BTC), which has reached its half-life on the 12th, has risen several times before reaching $ 10,000, but is on the downside from the high price of $ 9,800 on the 21st. The price has temporarily dropped to $ 8,600, and it has remained at a position that is about 15% lower than the May high price.
TradingView BTCUSD Chart
Bitcoin remittances in 2009 also caused market turmoil and were a factor pushing the market down. (Related link below the article) Related: Bi …

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