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October 30, 2020
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Bitcoin related artwork sold for $ 100,000 |

Many artists work hard all their lives and never sell their works for too much money. Meanwhile, the graphics inspired by Bitcoin break records in this field. It sold for $ 100,000.

A work of art and Bitcoin

A digital work of art inspired by Bitcoin’s volatility (BTC) has sold for over $ 100,000.

“Right Place & Right Time” has been sold to TokenAngels for $ 101,593. “

Cointelegraph Matt Kane, the graphic designer, said Friday.

Kane said he did not remember exactly what happened when he started creating this work of art.

“I lost track of time when I was creating it”

– he recalled.

He further described what his creative work looks like:

“My graphics always take as long as I need to. The original digital image was made in November last year, and then in January I started preparing it for [przeniesienia do] programmable graphics in Async Art. I have made countless adjustments and preparations to perfect the return to Volatility.art. ”

Kane does not hide that he is fascinated by the volatility of the BTC exchange rate.

“All the works are made using an algorithm I wrote which visualizes one day of Bitcoin price volatility”

– notes the artist.

“I’ll keep some creative influence by changing the colors and other design elements as the design matures.”

– He said.

Art and blockchain

Many other artists post their creations on the blockchain via Async Art.

It is also worth recalling the Decentraland initiative from the time of the first wave of the pandemic. Platform users could see the works of José Delbo, an artist cooperating with Marvel and DC, in the MakersPlace gallery. DC Comics Artist then launched the VR exhibition, which was only available on the Decentraland platform.

Cointelegraph visited the gallery as soon as the project started. As the portal added, anyone could “enter” into “Virtual environment with one click”.

“Though the crowds were few, many internet users were stunned by the artist’s works, listening to his own words describing the works. The virtual gallery is not very big, so visitors can see the entire exhibition in a short time “

– added a clearly intrigued journalist from Turner Wright.

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