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September 25, 2020
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Bitcoin slump into major altos, crude oil surpasses 70% since the beginning of the month | Market movements and virtual currency quotes

For this week’s movements, we will look at the movements of each economic index and virtual currency. Stock markets such as the Dow Average and Nikkei Average showed strength this week, and the Mothers Index also exceeded 10% in a week. Bitcoin’s first mining difficulty has been adjusted to ease since its half-life ended. On Thursday, there was a move in the wallet of the early days of Bitcoin in 2009, which caused a slump in the market and caused a temporary plunge. Articles summarizing important news can be viewed from the following. Related: Summary of important news this week such as Bitcoin

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5/18 (Month) of each market rise / fall | Gold has historical level, Bitcoin fees have soared 5/1 …

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