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September 23, 2020
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Bitcoin Suisse offers cryptocurrency Bitcoin-denominated gold and silver transactions

BTC, ETH denominated precious metal trading

Bitcoin Suisse, the leading Swiss cryptocurrency broker, has begun trading gold in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A cryptocurrency denominated trading pair has been added to the new commodity trading product “Gold, Silver and Platinum” adopted as Bitcoin Suisse. In fiat currency, five legal currency pairs CHF (Swiss franc), USD (US dollar), GBP (Sterling pound), EUR (Euro), DKK (Denmark Krone) are offered. (Trading works 24/7)

Bitcoin may not be Gold 2.0 yet, but we want to offer our clients the maximum number of choices given the growing demand for assets with caps.

-Bitcoin Suisse Liquidity Manager

Trading the precious metal commodities in virtual currency is the industry’s first initiative. Bitfinex trading of the gold peg stable coin “Tether Gold” provided by Tether has started on Bitfinex, but there has never been a direct pair.

Bitcoin Suisse, which offers trading and custody for various cryptocurrencies, has a total custody of $ 1 billion.

Providing staking service, the other day, Tezos (XTZ) was added to a vault certified by a major accounting firm, PwC, and a staking response was announced.

reference:Bitcoin Suisse

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