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September 22, 2020
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Bitcoin to “important trend line” that continues from 17-year bubble, surpassing 1 million yen

Bitcoin goes to the important trend line following the 17-year bubble In the virtual currency market on the 7th, the price of Bitcoin once again exceeded 1 million yen and the price surged. Bitcoin, which surpassed 1 million yen, was temporarily close to 10,000 dollars denominated in US dollars and renewed its high price for the first time in 80 days. The level of March 2020, which plunged due to the corona shock, is in a state where it was completely regained. The point to watch is that the huge downward trend line formed in the period of two years from the record high of Bitcoin, which was updated in the bubble market in 2017, to the right is approaching. The US dollar-denominated $ 10,000 mark is ahead of the runner-up, but the long-term since 2017 …

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