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September 21, 2020
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Bitcoin tries again 1 million yen Overseas media changes tone

Bitcoin again 1 million yen Tri Bitcoin market has shown a move to challenge monthly highs again towards the final day of Japan’s GW. Even on the 6th, bitFlyer was 99,000, and Bitcoin was close to 3000 yen up to 1 million yen again. In the international market, the Japanese yen-denominated milestone is reminded. On the 5th, the bitcoin network has finished adjusting the difficulty level by + 0.92% compared to the previous time, and the hash rate remains near the highest ever. If we follow the good block transition, we are planning to reach the half-life on the night of the 11th. (Japan time 11th night to 12th) 2018 resistance line, 2019 tops …

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