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July 29, 2021
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Blockchain helps Chinese tourism –

17 million Chinese tourists use blockchain. The point is that the Chinese non-profit FISCO BCOS informsthat blockchain-based health records enable Chinese citizens to travel freely.

China: Tourism Made Real Thanks to Blockchain

Since May, the blockchain-based medical data system in Macau (one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China, located on the east coast of the country) recognizes health system identification codes, thus allowing the health status of mainland Chinese tourists to be verified using the system based on on DLT. This is necessary at a time when citizens want to travel to Macau.

To date, more than 17 million tourists have cleared customs between Macao and mainland China under such a health code. The process only takes about 100 seconds.

“The establishment of a health registry on Macau blockchain and a health system code mechanism greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of information verification [zdrowotnych] at the borders. It turns out to be an effective solution that restores normal travel between mainland China and Macau “

– written in the system report.

The system encrypts a citizen’s medical data and stores them on the FISCO BCOS consortium blockchain. The WeChat solution, “WeIdentity”, on the other hand, is used in the process to transfer data between interested parties. Everything is done in accordance with Macao’s data protection laws.

Tool to fight COVID-19

The health code system was introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which closed Macau to mainland Chinese tourists at the beginning of the year.

The “digital health passport” based on blockchain technology was developed by the Singapore-based government investment company SGInnovate and the local startup Accredify. The companies started working on the system in May. In late September, it was announced that the system had already been used to verify coronavirus records over 1.5 million times.

Last week, local media also revealed that the Chinese province of Hainan is also trying to try out a blockchain-based rewards program. All this to stimulate tourism when the Chinese economy fully opens up again.

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