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November 1, 2020
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Blockchain to protect Australia from hacker attacks |

Many Australian cybersecurity experts have acknowledged the technologies blockchain for solving the problem of the increasing number of hacker attacks against system integrity through data manipulation.

On July 30, Steve Vallas Appointed to CEO Blockchain Australia called a discussion with specialists from various fields. The topic was the use of technology blockchain to improve cybersecurity. Over 300 participants took part in the event, including people such as Chloe White national leader Blockchain from the Industry Department, Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, CEO of CyberCX John’s cyber security firm Paitaridis and founder i CTO Database Blockchain ProvenDB Guy Harrison.

Hacker attacks are becoming more frequent

In the last 12 months, the number of hacker attacks in Australia has increased by almost 80%. Interestingly, their purpose is not to steal or delete data, but to manipulate it in order to disorganize it.

john Paitaridis during the meeting, he admitted that hacker attacks are becoming more frequent and more severe. He also suggested that China might be responsible for them. They threaten many branches of Australian industry and the government itself. Earlier in June this year, the Australian prime minister also named China guilty of the attacks.

“What worries me a lot is the fact that Australia is increasingly seeing attacks that, instead of deleting information, manipulate data to diminish system integrity. This creates chaos as management and senior management in many industries do not can trust the information they see. However, we have a solution to this technology problem at hand blockchain. “

“For the first time in computer science we have a mass storage mechanism in which when we write something we can be sure that it has not been overwritten.”

Said the CEO of cyber security firm CyberCX

Guy Harrison founder i CTO Database Blockchain ProvenDB also added that for this solution to work, blockchain technology must be combined with additional innovations such as artificial intelligence.

“Most blockchains don’t have many of the other features we need to use them effectively. Come technology blockchain is an essential part of the whole puzzle, it must be supported by other, additional solutions in the field of cybersecurity “

Harrison said.

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