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September 23, 2020
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Blockchain will help in the development of 5G – Blocksats

Jiang Wei, chairman of China Telecom Blockchain and Digital Economy Joint Laboratory, explained in an interview published on the Chinese news portal Cebnetthat blockchain technology can be used to improve the 5G cell network.

Blockchain and 5G

According to China Telecom estimates from 2019, approximately 170 million subscribers are expected to use Chinese 5G services by the end of 2020. Wei said China Telecom expects blockchain to play a key role in managing secure interaction and efficient cooperation between many participants of the network and devices. He said “Blockchain for 5G will introduce social capital into the landscape of this new technology.”

China Telecom is also experimenting with blockchain to improve international roaming services. Believes that the block chain can eliminate the needs of third parties. If he’s right, it can make related services smoother and more convenient.


Before we can see the effective integration of blockchain and 5G technology, we will see many problems that need to be solved with blockchain technology – Wei said. – Of these, the most important are issues regarding the legality and security of smart contracts – added.

“In addition, from a design point of view, smart contracts cannot be repaired or upgraded. Because smart contracts 5G must develop standardized solutions for patches and upgrades. “

He added.

He added, on the other hand, scalability and interoperability these are two obstacles to the integration of these two technologies. However, according to Wei, due to appropriate cooperation and experiments by global scientific institutes, we can still integrate both technologies. Thus leading to better communication services around the world.

In August 2019, the media reported that China Telecom published a white paper explaining their idea of ​​telephones that would use “5G blockchain”.

It is worth noting that today China turns out to be a country that invests heavily in blockchaina and is trying to become a leader in this respect. Even the president of the Middle Kingdom Xi Jinping officially admitted that he supported the development of the block chain as part of China’s modernization program.

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