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September 24, 2020
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Brave introduces a new privacy feature for iOS users |

On July 27, Brave Software partnered with Guardian to provide a higher level of security and privacy for iPhone and iPad users.

This partnership will combine the privacy features of both companies – the privacy-oriented Brave web browser, VPN and Guardian firewall. Brave users on iOS devices will be able to turn on Brave Firewall + VPN with one click, which will protect the entire device.

Guardian is good for Brave Browser users

Brave CEO Brendan Eich stated that he has been a Guardian VPN user for a long time, and now his product allows other users to familiarize themselves with this feature.

“I have already paid for and using their firewall. But many users have yet to discover it, and with Brav we promote it making it easier to use. The switch is in the settings. So I think it’s good for the Guardian. This is good for Bravea users who haven’t used a VPN. “

However, Brave users will not be able to start a Guardian VPN subscription by paying in BAT tokens. Apple does not currently allow this.

Anti-encryption laws will not affect your browser

While discussing the anti-encryption laws, Eich stated that even if such a bill were passed, it was unlikely that the authorities would want to touch Brave with them. He believes law enforcement would have more worthwhile targets to tackle:

“Now, if this turns into” you must have a backdoor browser, an open source browser, “I would be very surprised because it won’t really work. And of course, I think the more important targets for three-letter agencies are operating systems whose code is always running. We’re just an alternate browser. I don’t think we’ll get any more subpoenas or letters about national security. If we did, I couldn’t tell you because I would be dead. “

Brave is not a “niche” product

Eich does not see Brave as a “niche” product. It feels like it’s on the same development path as Firefox, with a pro-privacy dynamic that helps topple Google’s market dominance:

“We don’t see ourselves as a ‘niche’. Each browser goes through it from zero to one, and in our case it targets 16 million users per month. So, this is not a niche, it is going through the same growth curve that Firefox did in the daytime. [Jest] the rising tide of awareness that comes from this cohort of major users and reporters breaking these stories, antitrust regulators and others who are sending Google to court. “

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