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September 26, 2020
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Brave is under fire from a cryptocurrency community because of its controversial function Blocksats

Brave has come under fire from the cryptocurrency community because of its controversial way of getting referrals. The automatic browser filled the address bar with a partner link when the user tried to access the Binance website. CEO Brave promised that the “mistake” would be corrected quickly.

The controversial Brave browser function

Brave, a web browser that provides privacy protection, has come under fire from the cryptocurrency community due to the introduction of a controversial feature. If the user tried to go to the Binance exchange website, Brave automatically redirected him to the platform, however, using his affiliate link.

After the cryptocurrency community hard she reacted to the tweeter, co-founder and CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich, admitted his “mistake,” promising to fix it soon.

Brave is embroiled in controversy about affection to the ears

After the tweeter post gained popularity, Brave announced that it would remove the feature that forcibly inserts the company’s affiliate link into the address bar when users want to go to the Binance exchange website.

Eich thanked members of the cryptocurrency community for identifying the problem and providing information to the company. He also tried to ensure that the “error” would be quickly corrected.

“The default auto-complete feature is inspired by the clientid search query attribute, which is used in all browsers. Unlike keyword prompting, the URL you enter should go to your domain, but without any additions. I apologize for this error – as you can see we are not perfect, but we will fix it quickly. “

He said Eich.

Well-known cryptocurrency analyst, Whale Panda, posted information, that the browser similarly places affiliate links in the addresses of users trying to enter the US Coinbase website, as well as leading manufacturers of Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.

Brave is becoming more and more popular

In recent days, Brave announced that the monthly number of active users has exceeded 15 million, an increase of over 100% per year. About one-third of Brave browser users use it every day.

IN last episode podcast Joe Rogan Experience, host and guest of Reggie Watts talked about Internet security. They encouraged users to use the Brave browser, and Rogan revealed that he was using it himself to avoid advertising and monitoring by Google.

You can read more about the Brave project here: LINK.

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