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May 18, 2021
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CBS will broadcast a movie about Silk Road –

The CBS documentary on Silk Road is said to shed new light on the figure of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of this darkweb platform.

CBS will air documentary on Silk Road

CBS, the American mainstream TV station, will air a documentary on Silk Road tonight. The production includes, among others interview with Julia Vie, the ex-girlfriend of the founder of this darkweb platform, Ross Ulbricht. Apparently, during the conversation, she said that “Dread Pirate Roberts”, because he was known under that nickname, was not motivated by money in his actions. So much so that he didn’t even have a car.

However, it should be recalled that Silk Road collapsed in 2013 after the intervention of the FBI, and in 2015 Ulbricht was found guilty of charges against him, including the sale and distribution of drugs, illicit ID trafficking and money laundering. For this he received two life sentences.

Free Ross!

Today, there are more and more calls for his release. For example, Tim Draper, one of Wall Street’s most famous VC investors, believes it is a great pity for the world that a computer genius like Ulbricht cannot serve society as a result of the sentence.

Now the film “The FBI Declassified: The Dangerous Journey on the Silk Road” aims to familiarize viewers with the investigation of the services on the “Silk Road”. Apparently, the creators talked about this with special agents of the FBI, who discuss how the platform functioned and allowed for illegal transactions, such as: selling drugs, weapons, poisons, hacking services, and even ordering killings.

Julie Vie mentions in the fragments of the film how the platform was named:

“[Ross] He said something about […] The Silk Road in Asia […] and that it was a huge network […]. And that’s what he wanted to create, so he thought it was a perfect name. “

She added that Ulbricht then spent practically 24 hours at his computer, and their relationship broke up shortly after the launch of Silk Road.

“I think he knew he would be caught and become a martyr for his cause”

– says Vie.

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