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September 19, 2020
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Celo launch aiming for financial inclusion with Iran’s virtual currency mining as a national strategy, the 10th anniversary from the initial settlement of Bitcoin | Weekly virtual currency attention news

The movement of this week follows the movement of this week (5/18 ~ 5/23). On Thursday, the wallet in the early days of Bitcoin in 2009 was operated, and it was talked about as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. While some mining companies go bankrupt due to the half-life, news that mining is banned in Sichuan has come out. You can also browse the following articles that summarize the rate of rise and fall of each market and market news. Related: Compare the rise and fall rates of each market such as Bitcoin

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May 18th (Mon) | Pay attention to Raddit tokens, mining at supercomputer 5/19 (Tuesday) | Cello, Uniswap is …

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