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September 27, 2020
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Chainlink creates blockchain-based lotteries |

chainlink (LINK) and the State of Colorado are working together on Hakaton to create a new lottery game based on blockchain. There is a prize pool of $ 17,500 in prizes for the three winners. There are also bonus prizes worth $ 8,500. They are sponsored by chainlink.

Hackathon is an event aimed at developers where IT professionals and other software developers, such as graphic designers, interface developers and project managers, face the task of solving a specific problem.

Gemejam Hackathon, the creator of the Colorado Lottery is open to participants from all over the world. State lottery officials hope that innovative new games will help her reach $ 1 million in income. They are going to use the money they earn to spend on outdoor sports and recreational facilities, protect the Earth and schools in Colorado.

Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, is very optimistic, as is the case with successful projects in neighboring Wyoming.

Last year, we launched Colorado Digital Services to begin developing a public-private relationship in technology that will allow our state government to become a technology leader and, more importantly, to better serve our people with the help of technology. “

The opening ceremony is scheduled for July 31. The governor of Polis i Vitalik Buterin will speak during this event. According to press reports, this is the first public-private partnership in the history of the lottery.

Lottery success is another blockchain success

chainlink he wants him to succeed alone, apart from the tokens blockchain. Sergey Nazarov co-founder chainlink admitted that he is excited about working with the lottery. He also expressed his hope that the technology blockchain will be successful outside of its traditional sphere.

“We are excited to work with the Colorado Lottery to enable developers to build truly fraud-proof gaming applications. I think this shows that smart contracts, blockchain and oracles can be successfully composed to move beyond tokens and financial products in the chain (DeFi) into many markets that need truly tamper-proof and highly reliable digital contracts. “

Recently, we wrote about the cooperation of ChainLink with the Polish project GamerHash, which is currently in the privete sale phase, and its GamerCoin tokens are available on preferential terms.

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