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September 22, 2020
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Charles Hoskinson and CZ criticized Peter Schiff: behaves like Doctor Doom – Blocksats

Co-founder Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson, and Head of Binance, CZ, criticized Petr Schiff for constantly criticizing him Bitcoin.

CZ: Schiff more often writes about BTC than about gold

Peter Schiff – libertarian economist and dealer in the gold market – has been stubbornly attacking BTC for months. Recently – despite increases in the chart kryptowaluty – he wrote that Bitcoin may still fall. Annoyed by CZ.

Boss Binance noticed that Schiff in a strange way more often writes about BTC than gold, while his followers in social media are more often cryptocurrency fans than bullion. He added that he was something in style “Sheep in wolf’s clothing”.

Hoskinson followed him:

“I know him [Schiffa] since 2007. Dr. Doom has the same old pattern. The sky is falling [nam na głowy], the economy is doomed! Only gold can save us. All the rest is a scam. Bitcoin is bad because I mean something. Same tone [wypowiedzi] for a decade. “

Apocalyptic duo

Hoskinson eloquently juxtaposed Schiff with “Dr. Doom “. The latter is of course Nouriel Roubini, whom the world heard about, because he predicted the previous financial crisis of 2008.

Both Roubini and Schiff are constantly criticizing BTC. Both also have a similar strategy to appear in the media: they are simply threatening the crisis. Apparently, the cure for all economic evil is gold.

Of course, the ore is a safe haven, but both men with their fanatical reluctance to BTC are exaggerating the other way. Schiff mocked some time ago that Bitcoin investors are “Fools”. In turn, Roubini believes that BTC is a mother “All bubbles”.

Only that they both lose a lot on this attitude. After all, BTC is doing quite well on the chart, so ignoring this fact is … just stupid.

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