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September 24, 2020
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Charlie Shrem: halving and central bank policy will trigger a new bull market on cryptocurrencies – Blocksats

Charlie Shrem, one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency market, as well as an American entrepreneur and co-founder of the now-defunct startup company BitInstant and founder member Bitcoin Foundation, he said at a time Virtual Blockchain weekthat a combination of such phenomena as Halving and quantitative easing of central banks will trigger a new bull market on cryptocurrencies.

Shrem: halving will have a positive effect course

Shrem believes that halving and central bank policy are phenomena that will strengthen Bitcoin. They can lead to a strong increase in prices, but in a year or even two. It will not happen quickly.

“We have two trillion printed dollars in the United States alone, people are starting to receive all this money. In addition, all these people receive unemployment benefits probably when they intend to return to work […] and they haven’t had to spend a lot of money sitting at home for several months “

– describes the current climate in the USA.

“And then there will be halving. […] Many miners are amazing people who dig [coiny i trzymają je] for the future, but they also have their costs and they have to sell [cześć kryptowalut]”

– added.

Don’t trust the stock market!

In his opinion, you should no longer invest on a regular stock exchange:

“[…] it can be easily manipulated. For this reason, I do not have any actions […] You tell me half [obywateli w] the country has no job, but the stock market [mimo to] achieves record results? “

Talking about halvingu He said:

“I looked at the data and it looks like during the last halving price [niemal] it doubled immediately, but the last halving was really the beginning of the epic bull race in 2017 – a year and a half later. […] [To] it was bullish pace [wszystko to] it started after halving and the sales pressure was cut in half. There were a lot of really good things at the time – and I think we’ll see it again. “

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