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September 19, 2020
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CoinDeal begins cooperation with GamerHash. Pay for your Netflix with a CDL token! | Blocksats

The CoinDeal Maltese cryptocurrency exchange has just announced its first steps in cooperation with the Poznan GamerHash project. Companies join their forces to promote blockchain solutions and mutually expand services for their clients.

Although cooperation is just getting closer, both companies are already revealing some details about it. Projects that will be created as part of collaboration will gain momentum over the next two quarters. Interesting projects are announced!

First of all, in the fall, the CoinDeal exchange will welcome on its platform Token GamerHash (GHX) – the latest team project issued by CoinAxe Ltd operating under Maltese law. At this time, the cryptocurrency is only available in the private sale offer. The ERC20 based token will have many applications, including:

  1. will allow you to order products from the GamerHash store with an additional bonus. Marketplace has over 600 products such as Netflix, Spotify or Amazon cards
  2. GHXow owners will have access to the best prices & deals.
  3. Holders of GHX tokens will receive bonuses on the GamerHash platform (prizes, additional discounts, etc.) for their mining and gaming activities.

In the future, the team from Poznań is also planning gaming events and events for players and GHX token holders.

Collaboration will have several key goals.

  1. The Coindeal Exchange will be the proposed exchange for GamerHash users in Europe.
  2. Tasks for adopting Coindeal tools will appear in the Play & Earn module of the GamerHash application.
  3. The GamerHash platform will use modern tools developed by CoinDeal.

Companies plan joint marketing activities building blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Interestingly, the GamerHash platform will also open wallets for the CDL cryptocurrency created by the Maltese platform. This means that CDL Token will be able to pay in the GamerHash Store for products such as Netflix or a shopping voucher in Żabka. The CDL Token can also be purchased on the CoinDeal exchange or through one of the many actions the platform has recently carried out. Additionally, you can also earn a CDL Token by participating in voting or ordering a CoinDeal cryptocurrency card. The capital invested in the currency can be multiplied thanks to staking available on the platform.

GamerHash – a few words

GamerHash is a Polish project that has already won the most important global awards and is just starting its global expansion. The project already has over 500,000 registered users, although it is only 2 years on the market. Players can earn on the platform in two ways: by sharing the unused computing power of their computer or by playing games available on the platform.


CoinDeal is a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in March 2018. Despite such a short service, the stock exchange has gained spectacular popularity on the global market. Thanks to the introduction of new functionalities, the platform is user-friendly. Its main assumption is the security of funds and users. The Exchange makes every effort to ensure that every user and his funds are fully protected. He always has the opinion of his traders in mind, which is why they repeatedly decide on the direction of development in which the stock market goes.

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