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September 21, 2020
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Coinquista 2.0 – Polish cryptocurrency exchange reports full operational readiness |

New security, new stablecoins, new possibilities of depositing and withdrawing funds – Coinquista enters the phase of organizational maturity. The stock exchange will aspire to the position of a key player in the emerging cryptocurrency industry in Poland.

New functionalities

After many months of testing, Coinquista reports full operational readiness. In addition to improving the already existing functionalities, the exchange focuses on security. The funds are secured by the multisignature function, which prevents the owners of the exchange from making payments of clients’ capital. The partner holding the funds is Tpay, registered as an Official National Payment Institution.

In addition to PLX, of which Coinquista is the sole issuer, new stablecoins appeared on the exchange – USDT, USX and EUX. Within a month, deposit accounts for foreign currencies such as EUR, USD and GBP will be opened. In addition, cooperation with the Blik system allows you to deposit funds immediately.

For new users

In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, Coinquista meets new users with a torch of education. Using their own blog and YouTube channel, they try to educate the community and provide the latest information on current and upcoming trends.

The stage of the project, which we tentatively called ‘Coinquista 2.0’, has matured and is ready to see the light of day. After many months of work, we have achieved the effect that we want to show to the world, proving that it can be cheaper and better, without being financially demanding on users. We have already been trusted by many individual clients and companies and we believe that thanks to the next changes, the group of satisfied traders will increase significantly. Information about the next surprises is coming soon – declares the president of the exchange, Michał Stryjewski.

Cryptocurrencies as a payment of the future

The number of places where cryptocurrencies can be used as payment is constantly growing. This mainly applies to retail outlets (both smaller and larger), and the growing acceptance of the new form is noticeable in many parts of the world.

On September 20, 2013, Bitcoin was recognized as a full-fledged financial instrument that meets the requirements of the unit of account, in Switzerland it can legally pay local taxes, and as of April 2017, the regulatory authority in Japan approved it as a legal method of payment with all the consequences. It is assumed that with the growing popularity of digital currencies, households will reduce the amount of cash they accumulate, and some payments will be made using cryptocurrencies.

Coinquista is the first fully Polish cryptocurrency exchange. Already at the beginning of 2019, it was positively verified by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, obtaining the status of a Small Payment Institution. In addition, trading in cryptocurrency assets will be free for 30 days from registration.

If you do not have an account on the Coinquista exchange yet, this guide will tell you how to set one up step by step.

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