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September 19, 2020
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Continued withdrawal of overseas exchanges from Japan, “Bitcoin is a property” decided in China, joined Ripple ISO standardization group | 1 week virtual currency attention news

This week’s move has seen an increase in demand for bitcoins, which has a half-life, and cash apps such as the trading app CashApp have reported a surge in bitcoin sales. On the other hand, following BitMEX last week, the exchange Derbit also plans to restrict access from Japan. You can also browse the following articles that summarize the rate of rise and fall of each market and market news. Related: Summary of important news of the week such as Bitcoin

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Special Feature: BTC Half-life and Its Impact May 4 (Monday) | Ethereum vs Alto, US Department of Transportation blockchain repo 5/5 (Tuesday) | US Billions BTC, S9 still si …

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