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September 27, 2020
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CZ (Binance): the best strategy is to breed BTC – Blocksats

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), general director cryptocurrency exchanges Binance claims that the market data to which he had access shows that active investors in the cryptocurrency market (i.e. daytraders) have on average lower rates of return on investment than investors who buy digital currencies and breed them (i.e. so-called breeders).

Boss Binance advises you to breed kryptowaluty

In a new series of tweets, Zhao responds to a query from one of Twitter users regarding the best approach to investing in cryptocurrencies. He thinks the data shows that “breeding” is the best solution – But it is difficult. Thanks to trade you feel that you have your finger on the pulse He explained.

A 2019 stock market study showed similar results, revealing that over 15 years, a passive investment strategy has consistently yielded better results than active trading on the stock market. Tom Lee from Fundstrat believes that a similar phenomenon occurs on the stock exchanges BTC.

“Before everyone starts to wonder if crypto– the winter is over for good, remember the 10 best days rule “

– he once said. He also believes that the best profits on BTC can really be achieved within 10 days per year.

Don’t worry about the train going away!

Zhao also added that he believes that cryptocurrency investors have time on their side and should not worry too much about missing a train, which is a bull market or even another speculative bubble.

“Everyone I’ve met who has invested cryptocurrencies thinks he’s late (…)”

– explained CZ.

He believes that this applies to everyone, without exceptions, including himself.

“I expect the same to happen in 2025. We’re still at the beginning of the game “

– added.

“(…) do not play on the stock exchange if you are not a trader. Hodl

– he said.

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