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October 30, 2020
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Dash will run in a decentralized cloud |

Dash began to share information on a new platform that will enable data storage in the network using a decentralized cloud.

Dash in a decentralized cloud

The new Dash platform has been developed to expand the functionality of cryptocurrencies. It will include four features: Dash Drive, Decentralized API (DAPI), Usable User Name (DPNS), and Dash Platform Protocol (DPP).

Mark Mason outlined exactly what the company means “turning Dash into a decentralized cloud”.

“The Dash platform is an application development platform that leverages the Dash web and blockchain to transform the p2p network into a decentralized cloud.”

Customers will be able to integrate their applications with the Dash platform using a distributed, decentralized application programming interface – DAPI. Dash Drive will provide support by allowing these clients to upload, store and download application data as well as query the blockchain via a simplified interface.

“One of the key benefits of DAPI is that it provides developers with the same access and security as a full node, with no maintenance costs.”

Mason said.

The first version of the platform

In the first version, the Dash platform will act as DBaaS. To do this, it will use contracts with custom data structures defined for applications that store their data in a masternode. These data, in turn, will be notarized using the Dash blockchain.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, summed up the idea of ​​the platform as a combination “User experience for a centralized solution with the decentralized benefits of a network like Dash.”

The operation of the platform in the cloud means that all data on the network will be synchronized between the user’s devices – e.g. tablets, desktops and smartphones.

New human-readable usernames, rather than alphanumeric addresses, will be served through the Dash Platform Name Service layer, or DPNS. Platform users will be able to create usernames on the layer, make friends with other platform users and accept invitations – as well as make DASH transactions using those usernames.

Dash believes moving away from complicated addresses will encourage more people to adopt cryptocurrencies.

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