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September 22, 2020
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Data 80,000 credit cards available for purchase on darkwebs Blocksats

The Cyble Research Team has discovered that you can buy data on 80,000 credit cards from users around the world in darkweb.

80,000 credit cards

New research conducted by a cyber security company, Cyble Research Team, showed that data on over 80,000 credit cards from bank customers from various countries around the world were put up for sale on darkweb on May 29.

Users from the United States (33,000), France (14,000), Australia (5,000), Great Britain (5,000), Canada (2,000), Singapore (1,200) are most at risk. and India (1.3 thousand).

It’s both Visa and Mastercard.

What exactly can you buy?

The price of data for a single credit card is 5 USD (payable in a cryptocurrency). In return, we receive the card holder’s name, CVV code and expiry date. Apparently, the addresses of each holder have also been leaked, which has now made it easier for the cyber security company to determine the country of origin of each card.

It’s not clear where the hackers stole the data, but experts believe the banks themselves are not necessarily to blame. Probably it’s the customers’ fault, because the data could have been stolen via a phishing website or online store, which the hackers managed to hack.

The company has already created a search engine with which people can check if their personal data has leaked to darkweb. In total, the entire database contains over 40 billion records.

Hackers massively sell stolen data

The company’s research takes place after its experts identified another massive data breach on the network that covered over 47.5 million Indian Truecaller records that went on sale in the darkweb for only $ 1,000.

Cointelegraph announced on May 15 that anonymous hackers took over the data of more than 129 million Russian car owners and disclosed them in darkweb in exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).

A group of hackers also violated the Ethereum.org forum security system and allegedly put up a database of the three most popular hard cryptographic wallets for sale.

Remember to watch out for any issues regarding online security. As the example described above shows, banks are not always guilty of this type of theft.

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