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September 19, 2020
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Digital Art – NFT token based painting sold for $ 5.5 million! |

On July 23 on platform Nifty the largest non-convertible transaction to date took place token NFT. Trevor Jones’s one-of-a-kind work, “Picasso’s Bulls”, sold for $ 5.5 million. This is an absolute record in the digital art industry.

Trevor Jones, the author of the work, has been dealing with the subject of digital assets for four years. Since then, he has been actively looking for new investment opportunities in this matter. His individual exhibition organized in 2016 was an unexpected success.

Determining to follow the blow, Jones devoted the second half of 2017 to research into the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2018, he launched an exhibition of themed paintings kryptowalutowej as Crypto Disruption, and the following year he was invited to participate in a British conference on crypto.

“I was invited to show some of my works at CoinFestUK in Manchester in April 2019. It was my first digital art conference. I then spoke to David Moore, the CEO NFT Article Marketplace KnownOrigin. He tried to explain the concept to me NFT. “

“I just remember back then I thought it wouldn’t work because I’m a physical artist, I was so wrong!”

Travis Jones said.

The rapid growth of the NFT sparked the interest of Travis

Initially, tokens NFT they did not catch the attention of both Travis Jones himself and the wider public. However, in 2019, non-exchangeable tokens began to conquer many industries due to their unique nature. It was then that Jones began to consider creating and selling works of art in form NFT.

“It was 5 or 6 months after my conversation with David, around September, when I started noticing many more artists appearing on Crypto Twitter and talking about NFT and their application in various markets. “

“There was a lot of interest in the digital art industry, and when I saw a few artists selling their works for decent prices, I had to admit I was wrong.”

Travis Jones added.

The artist’s first steps in the digital industry

Jones’ first token-based work NFT was the fruit of the joint efforts of him and the artist Money_alotta. The title of the work was “EthGirl”

The EthGirl auction sparked a bidding war. The artwork was sold for 70 Aethers (ETH) on the SuperRare market. At approximately $ 10,080, the auction broke the previous record for the highest value of an artwork sold on the SuperRare market by 600%.

Since then, Jones has created over a dozen works NFT in nine months. When asked if he will continue creating NFTthe artist replied.

”I’d be crazy if I stopped! I see NFT as a huge part of my life and the future of digital art “

“Colleges and artists, commercial galleries and auction houses that fail to adapt to new ways of creating, selling, investing and presenting art will eventually become obsolete.”

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