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September 19, 2020
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DLive without PewDiePie – Blocksats

The biggest independent creator from YouTube, Felix Kjellberg, better known to the world as PewDiePie, is leaving the blockchain streaming platform DLive. He wants to return to his roots.

PewDiePie comes with DLive

Kjellberg joined the platform in April last year. The plan was as follows: Millions of his followers go to YouTube.

“I’m excited about the possibility of starting regular live broadcasts! DLive is great for me because I’m treated like a real partner, just like the other “streamers” on the unique DLive platform “

– youtuber did not hide his delight then.

Now, however, he changed his mind. It is not clear why. Is – as it usually happens in such situations – it was about money. However, it is also said that the return of PewDiePie to broadcast live only on YouTube is a good move, given its roots.

“YouTube has been my home for over a decade, and live broadcasts [tej] the platform seems like a natural fit when I am still looking for new ways to create content and interact with fans around the world.

Live broadcasts are something that I focus very much on in 2020 and [będę się skupiał] later, so you can collaborate with YouTube and be at the forefront [w przypadku] new features [portalu] is unique and exciting for the future “

– thinks today.

Blockchain streaming platform

DLive is a platform and also the largest live broadcasting community that uses technology blockchain.

According to Dapp.com, the platform boasts as many as five million users per month and over 80,000 active streamers.

DLive rewards both content creators and its viewers with its native “Lino points” token. While some platforms charge up to 50 percent of developers’ revenue, reducing it “Profitability and livelihoods” community, DLive doesn’t charge a percentage of earnings and commissions for content creators, the platform said.

According to Lino Network co-founder Wilson Wei, “DLive is a place where instead of competing with each other, the creators can support each other. Without platform cuts, we encourage everyone to create content of the highest quality for viewers. “

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