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September 22, 2020
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Elon Musk wants to sell all his physical things – Blocksats

Elom Musk is eccentric. Anyway, to say it about him is not to say anything. Sometimes it seems to be quite … strange and maybe even not very emotionally stable. It’s just that he can’t be denied one: he is a visionary who probably changes the fate of the world. Now, however, he announced that he wants to get rid of almost all his physical goods. The weirdo of a billionaire who wants to feel like a poor man? Or something completely different?

Elon Musk sells off almost all his assets?

It all began with a tweet that Musk published on May 1. It shows that the creator of Tesla starts with a spectacular garage sale. It’s just that apparently gets rid of his home (houses) as well.

Of course, it’s possible that this is another Musk’s foolishness. This one has many of these on its account. Anyway, some of the people in the industry no longer treat him seriously. However, there is another variant.

Musk is buying assets on the stock exchange and BTC?

It is possible that a businessman needs capital to start buying cheap shares on stock exchanges or even kryptowaluty. This is one of the scenarios that Tron founder Justin Sun suggested on social media. He wrote that the founder of Tesla should now “buy Bitcoiny. In turn, twitterowicz Hodlonaut asked Muska if he would buy BTC for the money obtained from the sale.

What capital are we talking about at all? Musk owns at least seven properties. Their total value is over 100 million dollars. One of his houses had previously belonged to the famous actor Gene Wilder. Now the billionaire will gladly sell him, but he cannot be demolished either “Lose soul”.

Tesla shares are too expensive

However, this is not Muska’s last tweet, which he showed that he probably likes to manipulate people. He also wrote that Tesla share prices are … too expensive. This was already after he announced that he was selling a fortune.

After this tweet, the company’s shares fell by more than 10 percent. Converting it into amounts, we are talking about $ 14 billion.

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