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November 1, 2020
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ETC blockchain split by one miner |

The Ethereum Classic blockchain has been reorganized because a miner has put around 3,000 blocks into the blockchain.

Initially, it was believed that the incident was caused by an attack of 51%. Later, however, the developers stated that the reorganization may have occurred due to the miner’s loss of internet access during mining. To do a thorough analysis, Bitfly asked all exchanges to hold withdrawals and deposits in the ETC blockchain.

Reorganization of the Ethereum Classic block

According to a report by ETC developers, one of the miners inserted approximately 3,000 blocks, under block number 10,904,146, with a mining time of 12 hours. The developers believe that the miner was either mining offline, or the mining difficulty might have been greater than the current difficulty on the web, “while the miner was honestly mining the cryptocurrency.”

All the ETC Parity / OpenEthereum nodes could not cope with the reorganization of 3000 blocks from the Core – Geth chain. The blockchain then split, which made the network unstable. While Parity / OpenEthereum miners were mining on the original ETC chain, the Core-Geth nodes continued mining on the 3000-block chain.

ETC chain attack?

The developers said the attack did not appear to be “actively malicious” as no double-spending situations were observed. Perhaps the miner lost internet access for a while, which led to a 12-hour mining period and 3,000 blocks added.

This event, however, can be a deliberate attack designed to separate the chain. An investigation into this incident is ongoing and more information is expected to come soon.

Mining of 3,000 blocks was performed on average by 0 transactions per block. Any transactions that have not been extracted will be “resubmitted to mempool upon reorder”.

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