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September 20, 2020
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Ethereum 2.0 has appointed a team of specialists in the field of cybersecurity |

Justin Drake, an ETH 2.0 researcher announced that the Ethereum Foundation has incorporated a team of security specialists into the project. Its mission is to investigate all potential cybersecurity issues.

The Foundation wants to hire professionals from various fields related to security and auditing. This is both about the scope of the software and the overall model of an upcoming update.

The main goals of the team

The most important tasks include Fuzzing. It is a method of testing software and finding holes in it that are used during hacking attacks. Fuzzing is a bugfinding technique that involves feeding various data to a software program with the purpose of inducing a non-standard response.

Many of the bugs found on the web today are due to inadequate security at the entrances. Hackers can get into the network as machine code and cause unwanted behavior. Fuzzing helps you find these dangerous points and update your code to prevent potentially catastrophic errors. The task of experts is also to develop a system of rapid response to such incidents.

Sigma Prime, the developer of the Rust-based Lighthouse client, has already taken the first steps to conduct fuzzing to ensure the security of future Eth 2.0 customers.

In addition, the team will conduct work on the formal verification of cryptographic algorithms. The purpose of this process is to mathematically prove that the algorithm is safe. The Foundation is also looking for experts in the field of economic modeling.

Final fixes before opening the public test network

Due to the fact that phase 0 of the Ethereum 2.0 project is almost complete, the developers are now focusing on the best possible security.

This approach proved successful, with several bugs detected and fixed. Today, following the success of the program, a network of attacks from multiple clients will be launched.

According to our previous reports, Ethereum Medalla testnet, the first public Ethereum 2.0 network, is slated to go live on Tuesday. Earlier, we also informed you about the great interest in the new Ethereum project. As a result, the public test network reached the required number of validators even before its opening.

It is not yet known exactly when the “mainnet” will be opened, but it is certain that developers must first be sure about the security and stability of the network

Drake predicted earlier that this might not happen until 2021. However, according to some people, such as Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, it may be possible to launch it in 2020.

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