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September 24, 2020
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Ethereum Classic: core developer leaves the project

Wei Tang alleged ethical reasons for leaving Ethereum Classic

Wei Tang explained that the post-Phoenix Ethereum Classic (ETC) network broke the logic of Ethereum’s consensus integrity, specifically in terms of immutability. On a detailed blog post, Tang described the role of key developers as the guardians who balance user choices and the integrity of consensus. In terms of the recent Phoenix update of the ETC network, he described two states – pre-hard fork and post-hard fork.

“I decided to discontinue my support for Ethereum Classic, $ ETC. I explained my reasoning in this blog post. (1/4) “

He stated that the general rules for this balance can be summarized as follows for the two states:

Lead developers should, before a hard fork, maximize options for users and post-hard fork, minimize the possibility of splits. These maxims were broken in the post-Phoenix Ethereum Classic (ETC) network. The core blockchain team decided to break some low-value smart contracts that were already deployed on ETC Phoenix’s core network.

Tang recalled the same thing during the DAO fork that divided the Ethereum Classic (ETC) Ethereum (ETH) network. Therefore, ETC developers have failed to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

Technology and Ethos

In addition, Tang revealed the ethical issues that affected the decentralized and free essence of the blockchain ETC. According to him, Ethereum Classic (ETC) inherited Ethereum’s initial multi-implementation approach, but failed to do the same with its collaborative culture.

Wei Tang recalled a series of internal conflicts, issues of coding plagiarism and aggressive public attacks between developers of different implementations.

Too busy with these conflicts, the Ethereum Classic development ecosystem has failed to resolve errors in its code. Its main resources were spent on conflict. Provocations and ‘not my problem’ attitudes have become commonplace for blockchain.

Despite wishing the ETC community good luck and good faith, Wei Tang sadly concluded about ETC:

“It has become a blockchain to whom I cannot provide development support.”

Source: U.Today

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