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September 24, 2020
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Ethereum has a lower supply than originally planned Blocksats

BTC’s foundation is its limited supply. It is it that makes many investors think that cryptocurrency is digital gold. In the case of XRP Ripple, on the other hand, this factor has long been a source of controversy. Similarly – though not on such a scale – things are about Ethereum and Ether. However, Vitalik Buterin wrote on Twitter yesterday that the supply of Ether (ETH) is about 40 million lower than estimated in the white paper of the project a few years ago. He believes that this refutes the theory that Ethereum rule “Inflationary technocrats”.

Ethereum with less supply than planned

It’s about the following Tweet:

The estimates quoted by Buterin predicted that the supply of ETH would be exactly 150.8 million tokens. However, the actual supply today is only 111.3 million.

Inflation and deflation

The issues of inflation and deflation are almost always quite controversial, if they are mentioned by more avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Why? This is due to the fact that many of them think that the deflationary nature of cryptocurrencies (in fact BTC is also subject to inflation, but to a lesser extent than fiat currencies; saying that it is a completely deflationary currency is an expression of a certain myth that exists in the blockchain community) is one of their main advantages compared to fiat currencies.

Of course, this is a contentious issue. Today, economists are of the opinion that low inflation is something good for the economy, but they often emphasize that in the case of BTC what counts is the knowledge of market participants as to how many coins appear in trading at certain intervals.

However, cryptocurrency fans are betting on deflation pedestal due to the fact that BTC is a child of the 2008 crisis. In addition, cryptocurrency is in demand in countries with hyperinflation.

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