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September 24, 2020
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Ethereum vs. Cardano: Charles Hoskinson reveals the backstage of cooperation with Vitalik Buterin – Blocksats

Cointelegraph interviewed with the co-founder Ethereum (ETH) and founder of Cardano (ADA) Charles Hoskinson. During the interview, he discussed, among others behind the scenes of developing the Ethereum platform.

“This is his first project”

Hoskinson thinks that one of the main reasons Ethereum has been difficult is because it depends too much Vitalika Buterina:

“Essentially, Ethereum moves at Vitalik’s speed. So if he knows how to do something, it’s very good (…). But when we talk about research, when we talk about actually delivering a product to the market, these are things that require experience. “

Ethereum is Vitalik’s first major project, his former collaborator adds:

“He has never done this before. This is his first company, his first project. He was never a researcher, he was never a CEO. “

ethereum What may be important for investors is the information that apparently project development plans are too optimistic, which leads to unreal expectations:

“I think Ethereum marketing, I think the whole Ethereum environment was not good at managing expectations and things, these will last 5, 10, 20 years, regardless of whether they decentralize the network, creating a new token economy. The scalability of such things is a challenge and requires a lot of hard work, both on the scientific and engineering side. “

I respect him very much!

At the same time, Hoskinson emphasized that he respected Buterin very much as a person:

“I think you’re right that Vitalik is a good guy. I never questioned his ethics [pracy]. I have never questioned his integrity or belief in a product or ecosystem. “

Despite all the criticism, Hoskinson still considers Ethereum as Cardano’s main competitor:

“I still think they will be important [na rynku] and will be a strong competitor. “

Ethereum and dollar

It is noteworthy that recently there have been suggestions that Ethereum will become the digital dollar base. These are, of course, only concepts, currently without support in the actual actions and decisions of the US authorities.

Despite everything, Ethereum is gaining importance today. Recently, it has been noted that similar values ​​are transferred via networks as in the case of Bitcoin.

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