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July 29, 2021
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First BSC-based Deposit Token Certificate Released

Released the first BSC-based Certificate of Deposit token, REX offers a higher rate of return than traditional Certificates of Deposit.

The ERC-20 token named HEX was designed to store value and revolutionize the traditional certificates of deposit we use. With HEX , certificate of deposit tokens can now exist in a blockchain.

On the other hand, REX, a Certificate of Deposit token launched in Binance Smart Chain, aims to offer users an alternative to the HEX token based on ETH.

Looking at the basics, the BSC-based token has a staking concept very similar to HEX. According to the team, REX offers a higher rate of return than traditional Certificates of Deposit.

Considering the application of blockchain technology and its nature, a wide range of functions also apply to the REX platform.

With the platform, users can also decide to put names into play. With this, they are able to keep track of their stakeout ventures. For example, users can define the bet name as “vacation plans”.

As it works this way, the user can keep track of where their funds are reserved. If investors need to, they can choose to withdraw interest from immature shares to avoid penalties.

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